JK Rowling wants everyone to stop asking her this Harry Potter question

We kinda get it

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We kinda get it

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It has been twenty years since Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone first hit shelves, and seven books, eight films, a stage show and a whole lot of themed (and amazing) Primark merchandise later, Potter fever is at an all time high.

Author and Queen of Twitter, J.K. Rowling, often uses the social media platform to take down the likes of Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, but it's also where she reveals her deepest, darkest and most wonderful Harry Potter secrets. She welcomes Potterheads to ask questions about the books, and every now and then will send us into a frenzy by apologising for a character's death or revealing that Harry Potter wasn't the first Harry Potter. Mind. Blown.

However, being constantly challenged about plot holes within the series has taken its toll and J.K. has finally admitted that there is one question she is over - and it's all to do with Quidditch.

Five Came Back author Mark Harris asked Twitter: 'You are trapped in an elevator with one other person. What is the worst way he can start a conversation?'

J.K replied, writing: ''Got a bone to pick with you. Why's the Snitch worth 150 points?...side that catches it always wins... makes no sense...' & on & on forever.'

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Fans then referred back to the 1994 Quidditch world cup when Ireland beat Bulgaria, even though a Bulgarian seeker actually caught the Golden Snitch.

Other Twitter users came forward with their pressing Harry Potter related questions, such as: 'Why didn't Harry just accio golden dragon egg?' and, the one thing on everyone's minds: 'Who cares about snitches when Hagrid doesn't have a bathroom?'

It's fair to say that if you're creating an entire magical universe, there are going to be tiny details that mega finds will find don't add up.

So we're with you on this one, J. K.

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