JK Rowling just revealed that Harry Potter wasn’t the first Harry Potter

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  • And our minds are totally blown

    Consider yourself a Potterhead? Well, you may think you know everything about Harry Potter facts and trivia but JK Rowling has just thrown us another bone… and we can’t get over it.

    Apparently Harry Potter wasn’t the first Harry Potter.

    Yes. We know.

    Just when we were still reeling about how we could get a Harry Potter Hogwarts letter (and don’t judge us for getting the Harry Potter make-up brushes and Harry Potter charm bracelets, too), JK reveals this in a Pottermore entry.


    So, it turns out that the first Harry Potter was actually a defender of muggles.

    ‘Henry Potter (Harry to his intimates), was a direct descendant of Hardwin and Iolanthe, and served on the Wizengamot from 1913 – 1921. Henry caused a minor stir when he publicly condemned then Minister for Magic, Archer Evermonde, who had forbidden the magical community to help Muggles waging the First World War. His outspokenness on the behalf of the Muggle community was also a strong contributing factor in the family’s exclusion from the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’.’

    Henry (or Harry) then went on to have a son named Fleamont who ‘lived long enough [with his wife Euphemia] to see James marry a Muggle-born girl called Lily Evans, but not to meet their grandson, Harry [the one we know]. Dragon pox carried them off within days of each other, due to their advanced age, and James Potter then inherited Ignotus Peverell’s Invisibility Cloak.’


    And, there’s a chance we’ll find out more about original Harry in a future prequel.

    We know our obsession with Harry Potter is getting a bit riddikulus but this is huge news, no!? Sirius-ly…

    (OK we’ll stop now.)

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