Heartbreak High is about to become your next Netflix obsession

Move over Strictly, there’s a new show to watch

Heartbreak High cast Netflix

Count yourself a TV buff, or simply looking for something new to watch to fill your evenings or weekends (especially with the nights getting darker earlier and the cold weather seeping in)?

Introducing Heartbreak High, a new Netflix show which was released in September and has been the latest hot topic of discussion. 

Heartbreak High is a reboot of a 1994 Australian hit series, but 28 years later and it has made a comeback with a second series also slated to be in the works.

From the plot to the cast, how to watch it and details on the second series, we have all the details you need to know.

Heartbreak High cast

Heartbreak High cast Netflix


The question on most people’s lips - and a quick look at Google search - is who is in the new Heartbreak High

The Heartbreak High 2022 reboot aired last month and is set for a second series on Netflix. 

The first series sees Ayesha Madon take on the role of Amerie Wadia, while James Majoos plays Amerie’s friend, Darren Rivers. 

Chloe Hayden will portray Quinni Gallagher-Jones, who is another close friend of Darren. 

Asher Yasbincek plays the role of Harper McLean, while Thomas Weatherall takes on the role of Malakai Mitchell. 

Will McDonald will star as Douglas “Ca$h” Piggott, with Joshua Heuston starring as Dustin “Dusty” Reid who has a romantic relationship with Harper. 

Gemma Chua-Tran, Bryn Chapman-Parish, Sherry-Lee Watson, Brodie Townsend, and Chika Ikogwe, also star in the series. 

Who was in the original Heartbreak High?

The original 1994 series of Heartbreak High ran for five years and came to an end in 1999. 

The series starred Alex Dimitriades, Sarah Lambert, Callan Mulvey, Lara Cox and Rel Hunt, plus many more. 

When does Heartbreak High air?

Heartbreak High premiered on Netflix on 14th September 2022.

In October, Netflix agreed to renew the show for a second series. However, a confirmed release date has yet to be confirmed. 

Stay tuned, as we will keep you up to date as soon as we know more.

When is the Heartbreak High season 2 release date?

Heartbreak High cast Netflix


Netflix has confirmed it will be working on a second series of the reboot. 

News of the first series circulated back in 2020 and filming started in 2021, one year prior to the show airing in 2022 - so we predict the second series could hit screens within two years.

How can I watch Heartbreak High?

Heartbreak High airs on Netflix and is available to watch now. 

However, if you don’t have a Netflix account you can sign up for a free trial so you don’t have to miss out! 

What is Heartbreak High about? 

Heartbreak High is a coming of age series which explores how teachers and students at Hartley High in Sydney, Australia, navigate racism, sexuality, friendships and fall outs. 

The series sees long-time best friends Amerie and Harper distance when Harper ghosts her pal and completely changes her appearance after a festival. 

During their friendship, the duo made a map of the sexual encounters people in their class had carried out, and in what seems a little Mean Girls/ Burn Book-esque, the map is discovered when the friends fall out and Amerie’s reputation is tarnished as she is outcast by everyone whose secrets were unveiled. 

The students named on the map are then forced to attend a sex education course, Sexual Literacy Tutorial.

Not to give too many spoilers away (just in case you have yet to watch it), the series sees Amerie try to understand and cope with losing her best friend, finding new friendships and relationships. 

What the second series is about, we don’t know, but we anticipate more drama. 

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