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15 Gilmore Girls guest stars you’d probably forgotten

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    Gilmore Girls is one of the best TV shows of all time, if you ask us. While we’re super excited for the impending release of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, the original seven series have the kind of timelessness that means you can watch them over and over and over again without ever getting sick of it.

    Other than our favourite mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory, the show was made up of a whole host of other cast members – including some very fleeting, but notable celebrity appearances. What’s more, the one rule everyone on set had to follow was pretty bizarre.

    From stars of One Tree Hill to The O.C., Desperate Housewives to Mad Men, many a star had a cameo role in Gilmore Girls at some point in their acting career. Before the show’s revival lands on Netflix we take a look back at some of the best Gilmore Girls guest stars and their appearances.

    Scroll through our round up to find your favourite of the Gilmore Girls guest stars.

    Chad Michael Murray

    Who could forget every teenage girl’s favourite heart throb, Chad Michael Murray? Chad played recurring character, Tristan Dugray, who had a massive thing for Rory. Here’s that scene where he says goodbye before being sent off to military school in Season 2. *Sob*. Bye, Tristan.

    Jon Hamm

    That’s right, the Mad Men star was once in Gilmore Girls, playing Lorelai’s date Peyton Sanders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out between the pair, as Lorelai finds him ‘boring’ and without personality. Poor Peyton.

    Krysten Ritter

    Jessica Jones and Breaking Bad star Krysten Ritter was briefly in Gilmore Girls as Yale student Lucy. Lucy was dating Marty, a guy who used to be in love with Rory. However, Marty didn’t want his girlfriend to know that they knew each other, so the pair pretended they’d never met. And, well, things got a little bit messy after that.

    Adam Brody

    That’s right, Seth Cohen had a cameo appearance on Gilmore Girls, playing Lane’s love interest, fellow music lover Dave Rygalski. Here’s the scene where they confess their feelings for one another to the disapproving Mrs Kim. Sadly, the relationship ends after he moves to California for college.

    Seth MacFarlane

    The Family Guy played a fellow student at Lorelai’s graduation in Season 2. He and his girlfriend turned a bit nasty when they found out that Lorelali was the girl who’s parents had brought the film crew to the ceremony.

    Seth MacFarlane Gilmore Girls guest stars

    Jane Lynch

    Before becoming famous for her role as Glee’s Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch had a brief stint in Gilmore Girls. When Richard has a heart attack, Jane Lynch plays the nurse at the hospital who has to deal with Emily (poor woman).

    Nick Offerman

    Park and Recreation’s Ron Swanson once appeared in Star’s Hollow as Beau Belleville, Jackson’s older brother. Beau helped Jackson and Sookie with the preparations for the birth of their son, Davey.

    Max Greenfield

    Now arguably one of TV’s most recognisable comedy actors for his role as Schmidt in New Girl, Max played one of Dean’s drunk friends, also called Luke (‘we should start a club or something’).

    Rami Malek

    Now famous for Mr Robot, Gilmore Girls was actually Rami Malek’s first acting job. Rami had a short stint in Season 4 playing Andy, a classmate of Lane’s at a Seventh-day-Adventist college.

    Rami Malek Gilmore Girls guest stars

    Brenda Strong

    Mary-Alice Young briefly popped over from Desperate Housewives to play Eva, who was in the Booster Club with Lorelai. If you look carefully, you can spot her at the beginning of the fashion show.

    Arielle Kebbel

    90210‘s Arielle Kebbel played Lindsay Lister, who Dean dated after his relationship with Rory came to an end. The two later got married, but Dean cheated on her with Rory. And everyone in Star’s Hollow found out about it. Awkward.

    Abigail Spencer

    Best known for playing Rebecca Tyree in All My Children, Abigal played Megan, a bridesmaid at Honour Huntzberger (Logan’s sister)’s wedding, in Season 6.

    Abigail Spencer Gilmore Girls guest stars

    Victoria Justice

    In what was her first ever TV appearance, Victoria played a young girl called Jill, who was at a party that Lorelai and Sookie catered for in Season 4.

    Alex Borstein

    Seth MacFarlane wasn’t the only Family Guy star to appear in Gilmore Girls. Alex Borstein actually had not one, not two, but three different roles. She played harpist Drella at the Independence Inn in four episodes of Season 1, the voice of Dwight’s wife, Doris, in Season 3, and Emily’s stylist in later seasons of the show.

    Melora Hardin

    Melora had a very brief role as Carolyn Bates in Season 6, who Emily invites to dinner to try and set up with Christopher.

    Melora Hardin Gilmore Girls guest stars

    Did you remember all of these guest appearances from famous faces? We wonder how many others will appear in the revival…

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