You’ll only have noticed this Game of Thrones detail if you read the books

Bookworms know best...

euron greyjoy

Bookworms know best...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that just about everyone is obsessed with Game of Thrones. Even the Royals love it – recently Prince William and Kate Middleton asked this Game of Thrones actor for spoilers, proving they love the show just as much as you.

As usual, the hidden details in last night's episode were nothing short of genius. But they also serve as excellent proof that people who read the books before they watch the film (or in this case TV series) know best.

If you're yet to watch the second episode of Season 7 and don't want to spoil things for yourself, look away now...

Seriously. You have been warned.

One of the biggest talking points of last night's episode was the arrival of Euron Greyjoy, who has been dubbed the worst Game of Thrones baddie yet. And with good reason, seeing as last night he went on a violent pillage cutting out people's tongues. Nice.

However, if you'd already read the books before getting stuck into the TV adaption of Game of Thrones, you'll know that Euron's method of torture wasn't at all random. The evil Greyjoy's ship is aptly named 'Silence', which is pretty significant as his crew are all sans tongue and therefore cannot speak.

But that's not all bookworms will have noticed; there was also a nod to Euron's older brother, Victarion, who is yet to appear on screen.

Euron was seen wielding a giant axe, something that his brother is known for in battle in the books. Our guess is that Euron borrowed it for his violent rampage.

Ah, Game of Thrones, you never disappoint...

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