Frozen originally had a totally different ending

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  • And it wasn't good news for Elsa

    Who doesn’t love the ending of Disney’s Frozen, when (spoiler alert! Though if you haven’t seen this, then what HAVE you been doing?) Queen Elsa saves her beloved sister Anna and her powers are finally accepted by Arendelle’s people?

    Well it turns the film could have been very different, and it didn’t turn out so well for Elsa.

    Producer Peter Del Vecho revealed their original script to Entertainment Weekly, and it was much darker than the version we know.

    Anna and Elsa weren’t even sisters, or royals, and while Anna was of pure heart, Elsa was all evil. Apparently she was jilted at the alter and from her own heart so she would never love again. Yikes.

    Echo said the story would’ve started with a prophecy where ‘a ruler with a frozen heart will bring destruction to the kingdom of Arendelle.’

    The ending would’ve been much more dramatic too, involving ‘a big epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created as her army…’

    But this is Disney after all, so the ‘villain’ would have redeemed herself.

    Because you see, Elsa wasn’t the aforementioned ruler with the frozen heart after all, it was the conniving Prince Hans (you know, the one Anna falls for and wants to marry).

    Being truly evil, he had no heart, and at the end he would’ve set off an avalanche to kill off everyone, and Elsa would come to her senses and save the day.

    As a result, her heart would be unfrozen, allowing her to love again. Which is quite a nice ending if you ask us.

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