23 Friends Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

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  • Could Friends BE any better? We don't think so. Here are our favourite quotes from the best show ever...

    We don’t know about you but we’re still hooked on watching re-runs of FRIENDS. We know it finished a while ago but we just cannot let Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica and Chandler go. They taught us so much about life – how to get your ex-boyfriend back (get his new girlfriend to shave her head), how to stop a plane (make up a phalange crisis) and of course, how to break up with someone (move to Yemen) – and every situation that we find ourselves in has a corresponding FRIENDS quote, so here are our pick of the best:

    The one for all occasions:

    The one where you have an epiphany:

    The one with the food anger:

    The one where you realise your mistakes:

    The one with the bad day:

    The one with the TMI:

    The one with the period pains:

    The one with the fake tan mishap:

    The one with the takeaway:

    The one where you make yourself laugh:

    The one where you stub your toe:

    The one with the argument:

    The one where it’s definitely lust, not love:

    The one where the fridge breaks:

    The one where it’s imperative that you act surprised:

    The one where you just can’t deny:

    The one with the outfit dilemma:

    The one for when you’re prepared for all eventualities:

    The one for when you can’t adult well:

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    The one for when you’re putting together your Tinder profile:

    Credit: wifflegif.com

    The one for when you’re seducing a new man:

    Credit: peerfit.com

    The one for when you’re feeling uber competitive:

    Credit: friendsgifs.tumblr.com

    The one for bath time:

    Credit: friendsgifs.tumblr.com

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