This is exactly how much money Joey owes Chandler in Friends

Hint: It's A LOT

joey owes chandler friends

Hint: It's A LOT

There is arguably no stronger bromance than that between Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing in everyone's favourite TV show, Friends.

As any loyal Friends fan will know, the two have been through a lot together. From falling for the same girl (who else remembers the Kathy saga?) to solidifying their friendship by becoming bracelet buddies, (yes Chandler, that IS what we're calling you) Joey and Chandler have always had each other's backs.

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Recently, reddit users decided to unite and work out exactly how much Joey's friendship meant to Chandler over the years. And boy, was it A LOT. Although not enough to grant Chandler the honour of being named the UK's favourite Friends character (we're still shocked by that one).

Friends fans will recall that over the series Chandler often supported Joey financially, from forking out for a flat full of furniture after the pair were robbed (thanks to Joey locking himself in a cupboard during a viewing) to paying for headshots and the like so Joey could pursue his acting career.

In fact, in 'The One Where Rachel Is Late' (season 8, episode 22, FYI) we learnt that Chandler has basically paid for all of Joey's living expenses since he moved to the city. Reddit user lincoln9659 therefore decided to take to the popular r/theydidthemath reddit forum to find out exactly how much money Joey owes Chandler.

First, they calculated that Joey and Chandler's rent would have equated to roughly $3,500 a month, totalling approximately $63,000 over three years. User ASmileThatKills then added on another $1000 for Joey's half of the utilities, bringing the current total up to $64,000 so far.

Then there's the cost of food, and as we all know Joey can't half eat. ASmileThatKills guessed that Chandler would have loaned Joey around $100 a week for a food shop, plus an additional $100 a week for eating out. Bringing the total yearly expenditure for food to $5,200.

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Reddit users then attributed a further $75 a week for each of Joey's dates (and we all know he had A LOT of those) plus an additional $15 a week spent in Central Perk. This brings the total cost for food over the three-year period to $45,240.

Let's not forget the estimated $1,620 spent on phone bills, $5,500 on furniture for the flat and $1000 on two sets of headshots for Joey's resume. Plus the $3,400 Chandler mentions Joey owes him in season 6, episode 18.

So exactly how much does Joey owe Chandler?

Drumroll please...

A staggering $120,760! 

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We think Joey should probably let Chandler off for falling asleep during Joey's movie premier now.