Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled and the internet is not happy

Say it isn't so.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Say it isn't so.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled and somehow it feels like the end of the world. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda agrees:

The comedy series, set in a fictional Brooklyn police precinct, has consistently won praise for its diverse cast, its treatment of social issues, and of course, being totally and utterly hilarious. But, it seems that a cult following, numerous awards including two Golden Globes, and a theme tune that makes you want to get things done were not enough to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the dreaded axe.

So, in honour of the show’s passing (seriously, this has cut us deep) we’ve collated some of our favourite moments from the show.

The squad

Each member of the Nine-Nine brought something wonderful to the table. Whether it was the stoicism of Captain Ray Holt, the childish glee of Jake Peralta or the mysterious past of Rosa Díaz, the Nine-Nine cast was as diverse and inclusive as it was brilliant.

Big mention to Gina Linetti: Never has an extreme narcissist with a dance troupe called Dancy Reagan been so entertaining.

Doug Judy

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Every hero has to have a nemesis, but are they all as hilarious as Doug Judy? We think not.

The cold openings

Were they always relevant to the show? No. Were they usually completely hilarious? Chyeah.

Any time that they dealt with important social issues

Roseanne has shown us how not to deal with diversity and racial prejudice – Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been a shining light in how to portray complex issues sensitively and smartly. From Terry being racially profiled by a fellow police officer, to Rosa coming out as bisexual, the show did not shy away from topics that others would not confront.

So what's next for the show? Rumours are abound that streaming service Hulu (home of The Handmaid's Tale) might pick up the show, but we're not ready to get our hopes up yet.

BRB, going to watch Die Hard on repeat.

Victoria Fell