6 Times Angelina Jolie Was Majestic In Maleficent

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  • From her icy stare to those impressive wings, you definitely don't want to miss Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent.

    Angelina Jolie’s latest blockbuster Maleficent hits UK cinemas today, and sees the Hollywood starlet transformed into one of Disney’s most infamous villains. It is without a doubt Angelina that steals the show in this movie, so here are the six times we were truly mesmerised by her…

    The Icy Stare

    We all know how captivating Angelina’s gaze can be (heck, we’ve been practicing her smize in the mirror for years), but after seeing Maleficent we’re upgrading it to terrifying. Thanks to her dazzling eyes and villainous make-up (done by special make-up effects artist Rick Baker), Ange’s icy stare captured Disney’s most infamous villain perfectly.

    Flying High

    Seeing Angelina flying is not something we’re used to (despite her seemingly near superwoman capabilities at juggling being a mother, actress, director, UN ambassador and being one half of Brangelina). With an impressive wingspan Ange soars all over the place in her latest movie, and it kinda took our breath away.

    From Good To Bad, Just Like That

    One of the best things about this film is watching how Ange effortlessly shifts from a comforting mother-like figure to a truly frightening woman. Skills.

    Her Own Daughter

    Angelina’s own daughter, Vivienne, makes her acting debut in Maleficent as a young Aurora (too cute), and the way Ange looks at her daughter is enough to give you chills. If a face as adorable as Vivienne’s was staring up at us, we’re not sure we’d be able to give such a realistic performance. Guess that’s why we’ve never won an Oscar, then…

    Those Cheekbones

    Everyone knows Angelina Jolie has incredible cheekbones, but special make-up effects artist Rick Baker has turned them into a thing of wonder. Combined with her pale complexion, red lips and terrifying horns, we could not take our eyes off her.

    We Could Totally Empathise

    It’s the emotional human moments of Ange’s performance, which truly make her majestic. And, although she’s playing a villain, we totally felt Ange’s pain. Not an easy thing to pull off when you’re rocking horns and cheekbones that could cut glass.

    Maleficent is in UK cinemas today (Wednesday 28 May).

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