5 TV Shows We Could TOTALLY Imagine January Jones Starring In

Mad Men's almost over (sob!) so where to next for our amazing cover star January Jones? We asked her what TV shows she'd love to star in. And oh, how we wish we had a magic wand to make these happen...

Summer Heights High

The fact that January is a fan of this cult Aussie comedy makes us love her even more. Surely there’s space in Ja’mie’s ‘totally quiche’ clique for another member? Betty Draper HAS given her plenty of practice at bitchy snarls. Are you listening up Chris Lilley? January’s your girl!


If Anna Chlumsky ever tires of trouble shooting for Selina Meyer (quite a possibility – that woman is hard work!) – we know someone who would do a sterling job. All together now: January for President (Chief of Staff)!

I Dream of Jeannie

The hair, the costume… that wicked little glint in her eye. Just everything about this is perfect. Time for a remake with our girl at the helm? Watch this space. 


Remember the celeb cameos who always turned out to be sisters of Rachel? (slight exaggeration, there were two – Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon) Room for another? We think so. Now, when is that Friends reunion happening?…

Beverly Hills 90210

Now we’re going REALLY old school but we love that January wishes she’d been in this show because we can just imagine her as Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth). They should totally do a remake. Oh, wait, they already did…

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