5 Netflix Originals We’ve Fallen In Love With

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  • From 'Orange Is The New Black' to 'Lilyhammer', here are the Netflix TV shows that should be on your must-watch list.

    TV is having a revolution and no one could have failed to miss it. Thanks to lots of exciting new ways to watch TV like Blinkbox and LoveFilm, we have access to even more amazing telly, whenever, and wherever we want.

    Not only has this made our social lives a lot more manageable (no more calling it an early night, so we don’t miss the latest episode of our favourite show), but it’s also given birth to a new kind of show – the Netflix Original.

    Created by Netflix, for Netflix, everyone said it wouldn’t work, but thanks to the compelling storylines and ready-to-watch seasons, we’ve fallen hard for these Netflix Originals.

    Orange Is The New Black

    Launching internet memes and prison reform discussions alike, Orange Is The New Black is the Netflix Original that has won the acclaim of critics and audiences alike. Taylor Schilling stars as hip New Yorker Piper who unexpectedly gets sentenced to 15 months in prison for a crime she committed 10 years ago, and ends up forming friendships with an eccentric group of inmates.

    While hilariously entertaining, Orange Is The New Black
    Hemlock Grove

    Werewolves, gypsies, angels… Hemlock Grove is definitely one for fantasy fans. With its mix of murder, sex and mystery this Netflix Original might have a young and beautiful cast but don’t mistake it for the usual teenage angst TV show. After young girls start turning up ripped to shreds suspicion falls on the strange but hot-in-a-grungy-way local gypsy Peter. In a town where everyone has secrets (and very unconventional secrets at that) having a serial killer on the loose isn’t making things any easier.

    Starring the delicious Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) and X-Men’s Famke Janssen, Hemlock Grove
    House Of Cards

    Already the winner of three Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe, House Of Cards is one of the best-known Netflix Originals and should undoubtedly be on your must-watch list. Starring film legend Kevin Spacey as a corrupt Washington D.C. politician, it’s successfully showed Hollywood the value of really great TV. Based on a successful 1990 BBC TV series, House Of Cards

    Think The Killing meets The Sopranos and you’ve got Netflix Original Lilyhammer… sort of. Basically, there’s lots of snow and the main character used to be a gangster so we’re going with it. Lilyhammer sees Frank ‘The Fixer’ Tagliano hand over his mafia boss to the authorities and start a new life in the clean, crisp air of Norway. The New Yorker questions his decision when it becomes clear his new life isn’t as he imagined it, and before long he’s back to his old ways and fitting in nicely.

    Going pretty much unnoticed in the US, Lilyhammer

    Bad Samaritans

    Perfect for when you want to veg out and enjoy something fun and light, the chances are you definitely haven’t heard of Netflix (not technically an Original) Original Bad Samaritans

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