This is why Alan Rickman won’t be mentioned in the new Love Actually

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    OK, so the internet went wild when the Love Actually sequel, for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, was announced and although we might not yet know if it’ll be longer than 10 minutes (please say that it will be), the world is now asking why Emma Thompson doesn’t seem to be involved.

    Because as much as Karen and Harry’s storyline quite literally broke the nation’s heart, we still wanted to know what happened next. And, director Richard Curtis’ wife Emma Freud (who was a script editor on the film) might have revealed what happened next to Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman’s characters on Twitter but it was all too brief.

    With the sad passing of actor Alan Rickman, the world is wondering how this will affect the ‘this is where everyone is now’ storyline.

    And, when we all saw that Emma Thompson’s name wasn’t on the cast list, we gasped in fury.

    But we may finally have the answers as to why. According to The Independent, Alan Rickman won’t be referenced in the revival.

    ‘You know dealing with Alan is very complicated, so not really’ Richard Curtis said when asked by the Press Association. ‘We’re not [involving] everyone. We’re doing about two thirds of people. Ems [Thompson] isn’t in it. She just can’t do it.’

    If you ask us, Curtis’ reservations about referencing Alan Rickman are completely understandable.

    With Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and Kiera Knightley (to name a few) all signed up for the return of Love Actually, we still can’t wait to see the Red Nose Day 2017 sketch on Friday March 24th.

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