This star sign watches the most TV (by a LONG way)

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  • Meanwhile Scorpios need to up their game

    If you follow horoscopes on the reg, you’re probably already aware of various star sign statistics, such as which zodiac sign had the most sex last year.

    We bet you’d never considered the possibility that your star sign influences the amount of TV you watch. Yes, really.

    According to information from live streaming service TVplayer, Geminis are watching waaay more telly than the rest of us. They watch around two thirds more than Sagittarius, who rank second in the star sign league table, and a whopping three times as much TV as bottom-of-the-pile Scorpios.

    The data was collected from a month’s worth of streaming in March, which found that Geminis were storming ahead on their way to a million streams, Her reports.

    Below are the 12 star signs ranked by the percentage of viewers on TVPlayer. Although you should probably take the results with a pinch of salt, seeing as your star sign is actually wrong and all.

    How much TV do different star signs watch?

    Gemini – 15.3%

    Sagittarius – 9.8%

    Libra – 9.1%

    Aquarius – 8.6%

    Taurus – 8.1%

    Pisces – 7.9%

    Virgo – 7.6%

    Aries – 7.6%

    Leo – 7.6%

    Cancer – 6.7%

    Capricorn – 6%

    Scorpio – 5.7%

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