This new Instagram feature will change how your feed looks forever

*Cue Obama mic drop*

instagram change
(Image credit: Rex)

*Cue Obama mic drop*

Words by Victoria Fell

Instagram is the Queen of apps, and whether it's introducing selfie filters (and their particularly strong flowers crowns), applying its Insta grid change or debuting ‘shared livestreaming’ as it did last week, Instagram’s campaign for app supremacy is reaching new heights.

It's unsurprising therefore that the app has launched yet another feature - and it is sure to change the way your Insta feed looks forever.

Thanks to a new 'Stop Motion' feature, Insta users can now create their own GIFs in the app - yes, really.

While the task sounds pretty taxing, it's actually totally easy. Just take a long series of photos, which Stop Motion will ‘stitch’ together and voila: you have a GIF. According to the Verge, you can even add stickers and text to your finished GIF to make sure that you are covering all your bases.

The feature hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, but we feel like it’s only a matter of time before homemade GIFs replace emojis.

If you need us in the meantime, we’ll be working on our acting chops: this is our chance to finally get InstaFamous.

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