Instagram just added the best feature for indecisive posters

Mind. Blown.

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Mind. Blown.

Words – Olivia Harvey

From the editors of HelloGiggles

When you think about it, Instagram is a time capsule. It’s filled with images from the past that evoke memories of certain events and people. But what happens when you don’t want those memories on display, yet you don’t want to delete them completely? Instagram’s new 'archive' feature is here to help us out.

Archived Instagram photos disappear from your feed, but are kept safe in a separate location within the app. This feature is also perfect for those of us who like to experiment with several different edits before posting a final draft.

Simply select the Instagram photo you want to archive and hit the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Then tap 'archive.'

When you return to your main account screen, you’ll notice a new clock symbol in the top right-hand corner. This is where you can access your archived photos.

Your archived photos are completely private and will remain archived until you decide to put them back on your profile, or take them down. You could even keep them in the archive to create your own private photo time capsule.

And if you wish to put an archived photo back onto your profile, all you have to do is select the photo and tap 'show on profile.' Easy peasy!

The photo in question will go back to the spot on your feed from whence it came.

Finally, we don’t have to choose between cleaning up our Instagram account and keeping memories from our younger years. And never again will we post and delete several times before settling on a photo edit.

Times are a-changin’, Instagram users, and they’re changing for the better!

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