The HONOR x Porsche Design smartphone is the latest in luxury tech - and it needs to be on your radar

The brands shared details of their collaboration at the Mobile World Congress 2024

HONOR x Porche
(Image credit: HONOR)

When it comes to the latest advancements and biggest breakthroughs in tech, the Mobile World Congress is where you'll find it all. Every year, hundreds of brands present their newest products and impressive technology to thousands of consumers, journalists and experts - from robots making coffee to innovative AI. 

This year, HONOR hosted a private event ahead of the annual summit in Barcelona to share details of the Porsche Design HONOR Magic V2 RSR - a smartphone which combines the brand's signature innovative technology with the sleek, premium design features of the iconic luxury sports car manufacturer. 

In an exclusive collaboration, the HONOR x Porsche Design smartphone boasts some very impressive features. The screen is thinner than the previous foldable HONOR models (and the offerings from the brand's biggest competitors), at just 9.9mm thick when closed. The device is also super lightweight, coming in at just 234g, and has a triple rear camera system which supports night photography, 4k video and the HONOR AI Motion Sensing Technology. 

So where does Porsche Design fit into it?

HONOR x Porche

(Image credit: HONOR)

Created to emulate the premium feel of the luxury sports car, it also incorporates signature Porsche Design elements - from the Agate Grey colourway to the shape and curve reminiscent of the iconic Porsche 911. 

Discussing how the smartphone came to be, HONOR CEO George Zhao and Porsche Design CEO Stefan Buescher talked to Marie Claire UK about how the collaboration was born, and how both brands were able to showcase their individuality while simultaneously creating something bold and pioneering. 

"HONOR is a technical company that focuses on technology, but we also consider how we can push the boundaries of design," Zhao told us. "When art meets innovative technology, it’s when we can deliver the best user experience. From this point of view, we know we need to look for a partner that can help us reach that peak of design."

Adding that the discussions between HONOR and Porsche Design were ongoing for almost three years, he continued: "When we worked together on the foldable phone, we considered what special user experience we could design. We really respect Porcsche Design's way, and we learned how to respect the tradition and how to create a new legend. We wanted to bring this spirit to our portfolio and products."

HONOR x Porsche

(Image credit: HONOR)

Explaining how Porsche Design developed their concept for the Magic V2 RSR, Stefan Buescher added: "With our experience, we are learning and also challenging the status quo - that's what we do at Porsche in general. For example - why is it that why? Why couldn't it be that way? It's a process. And the process always belongs to the principles. For us, it's like a code that we adhere to and activate."

He also expanded on the biggest difficulties of designing a smartphone with such an iconic car in mind, stating: "The greatest challenge is to forget about the sports car and to go back to your roots. If we are to take an existing Porsche car, it wouldn’t work. The cars all come from the same design philosophy and which has evolved over the years. We want to create something that in 10 years’ time, people will look back and recognise the design was a product of its period."

During the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, CEO George Zhao also shared details of the HONOR Magic6 Pro - a forward-thinking smartphone that boasts exceptional camera functionalities, integrated eye-tracking capabilities and advanced battery life retention. 

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