Introducing the bracelet that helps you keep in touch with your loved ones

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  • In this new Covid-19 world of social distancing, lockdowns and time away from loved ones. The past several months have, rather unsurprisingly, seen rates of loneliness rapidly increase. With mental health deteriorating due to time spent alone and in isolation. So, when team Marie Claire was introduced to Bond Touch we had to share their clever, communicative invention with you.

    A simple set of bracelets designed for connection so you’re only ever one touch away from a loved one.

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    Pitched as the brand that, ‘believes in people, in healthy relationships and closing the emotional gap. No matter the distance.’ This dual bracelet device enables you to send taps to your loved one to let them know they’re in your thoughts.

    A small bracelet that keeps you connected to your loved one. Simply send a touch to your loved one, wherever they are.

    By tapping the device on your wrist you can send messages to your loved one wearing the other device. Simply by mimicking your touch and sending gentle vibrations you can let a parent, sibling, aunt or grandparent know you’re thinking of them.


    By wearing one, a person can send a tap that generates a light vibration and a personalised coloured blink on the screen of the partner’s bracelet.

    Waterproof (up to one meter) and with a long battery life (you can go four days without needing to recharge) it’s an ideal, easy-to-use gift for a loved one.

    The bracelets are slim, sleek and minimal, similar to a Fitbit. The bracelets are also linked through an app that provides information about a partner’s weather and time zone, but their primary function is to embody presence.

    Reminiscent of Facebook’s playful poke feature the Bond Touch imparts the same digital touch. Replacing those casual shoulder squeezes and hand holds which are currently prohibited.  Buzzing to say “I’m here, and I’m thinking about you.”

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