Prince George pressing his face up against an aeroplane window is the best thing you'll see today

Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte had the best time ever on their first royal engagement together...

Prince George bubbles

Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte had the best time ever on their first royal engagement together...

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you on a flight? A) You wanted to see the cockpit and B) you wanted to get a good look at what was happening outside.

Which is exactly what was probably going through Prince George's mind when he took his seat to fly back home.

On the plane as he and his family departed from their Royal tour of Canada, he did what every kid would do in his position. Pressed his face up against the glass to entertain the crowds.

Prince George aeroplane

Prince George aeroplane

Prince George aeroplane

This comes just a few days after he livened things up by leaving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s high five hanging, and then by keeping us entertained with his latest love, bubbles.

Showing off his skills in the bubble-blowing department during the Cambridge family’s eight day tour of Canada, George was only marginally upstaged by his little sister, Princess Charlotte, who said her first word in public.

Stealing the show in a completely adorable moment, Princess Charlotte said the word ‘pop’ while playing with the balloons at Government House in Victoria, Canada.

The super cute royal siblings were out on first official engagement together at a garden party held for children of military families at British Columbia's Government House. In what looked like one of the best children’s parties to have ever been planned, the grounds had been transformed into a miniature wonderland thanks to the balloons, bubbles, miniature ponies and full-blown petting zoo.

One member of the animals in attendance was Moose, a retriever-poodle cross that works as a therapy dog to help comfort cancer treatment patients. Moose appeared to be a particular favourite of Princess Charlotte who bounced up and down on the very patient dog. Meanwhile Prince George sat on one of the visiting ponies for a small ride - which didn’t seem to live up to quite the same level of excitement as the bubbles tbh.

We haven’t seen much of the two royal tots during this royal tour of Canada as they’ve mostly been staying with their nanny while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been fulfilling their engagements. But they both seemed to enjoy their first joint introduction into the family business so fingers crossed we can expect plenty more too-cute-for-words antics in the future.

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