So Prince George wasn't impressed by Justin Trudeau

Prince George just snubbed Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on his first royal visit to the country

The Cambridges arrive in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge start their royal tour of Canada with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

(Image credit: Rex)

Prince George just snubbed Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on his first royal visit to the country

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is well known for his charm. Ever seen his famous baby-balancing act? That man sure knows how to work a crowd. But apparently this charm doesn’t work on everyone – particularly mini royals.

In fact, Prince George wasn’t impressed with the PM at all. Stepping off the Royal Canadian Air Force Jet, the three year old seemed a little apprehensive about making his Northern Hemisphere debut. So it was only natural for Justin Trudeau to squat down and speak to the Prince to make him feel at home.

What the PM didn’t realise was that he was about to experience a whole load of royal sass from George, who refused a high five, a low five and a handshake from the Canadian Prime Minister.

In fact, all he did get off the Prince was a defiant shake of the head – not the best start for three year old who will one day be king of Canada.

But despite it being a pretty awkward moment, Justin seemed to take the snub pretty well and carried on smiling (nice save, Justin).

Still, at least George was fully dressed for this meet and greet. When Barack Obama visted England back in April, George made headlines by meeting the US president in his pyjamas. Joking that his outfit was ‘a slap in the face’, President Obama said it was a clear breach of protocol on the prince’s part.

Prince George Meets Barack Obama

This trip to Canada is part of the Cambridge’s eight day royal tour. The last time the Duke and Duchess were here was as newly weds, just three months after their wedding.

Returning now with their family in tow, Prince William reminisced about the couple’s first visit in his speech: ‘The warm welcome that you gave us at that important moment in our lives meant a lot to us – and we have never forgotten it. That is why we are so pleased that George and Charlotte can be with us in Canada this time round, beginning their own lifetime of friendship with this wonderful country.’

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