Sarah Jessica Parker shares her favourite Sex and the City memory

'It's very hard to believe it's been that much time'

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'It's very hard to believe it's been that much time'

From the editors of InStyle US Words by Jennifer Davis

It's been almost twenty years since Sex and the City premiered on HBO, but for star Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the iconic Carrie Bradshaw, it could have been yesterday.

‘I think because I live in New York and I'm constantly walking on the streets where we filmed, it doesn't feel like a distant memory,’ she told E! News. ‘So, 20 years, I'm not experiencing that feeling of that much time having passed because it's so alive and active—so many of those street corners. So, no, it's very hard to believe it's been that much time.’

Like the rest of us, who maybe have watched the series more times than may be normal, she has a lot of strong memories from her run on the show.

‘I have just countless, wonderful, very vivid memories,’ Parker said. ‘But I think, in total, the experience of shooting on the streets of New York — places people had never shopped before or rediscovering locations, neighbourhoods, streets, mews, alleyways — [and] shooting all night long with people that I really loved, in total, the whole experience is really my favourite.'

With the show's 20th anniversary approaching, it may be time to watch the series again.

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