The Queen's summer holiday might have just been ruined

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The royals have to be the most talked-about family in the world, with the Mountbatten-Windsors making news for everything from baby Archie’s christening to Prince Charles’ potential cameo in the upcoming James Bond film.

The Queen is understandably more talked-about than most of her relatives, with the monarch famed for her sharp wit, sweet bonds with family members and her Queen-worthy perks (from having someone to wear in her shoes to banning this food from her kitchen).

This week however it wasn’t her extra perks and privileges that got the world talking, but instead her holiday plans, with Queen Elizabeth known to summer in her Balmoral holiday home each year.

There are reports that summers in Balmoral are one of the Queen’s favourite times, with family including the Fab Four often coming over to stay for a few weeks.

This year however, the Queen’s reported favourite holiday activity has been cancelled, with concerns that her holiday might be ruined as a result.

The activity in question? Grouse shooting.

Yes, the activity has been cancelled this year due to a shortage of birds in the Scottish Highlands.

While the Queen is not thought to shoot the grouse herself, unlike her children and grandchildren, she is thought to like eating grouse, with a past chef reporting that he always liked to put grouse on the menu for her.

We hope she has a lovely holiday anyway!

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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