Queen Elizabeth has been travelling with THIS ever since her honeymoon in 1947

And we want one now.

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And we want one now.

From the editors of Travel and Leisure Words by Richelle Szypulski

It seems that when Queen Elizabeth likes a brand, she fully commits to it. The Queen relies on one shade of Essie polish for her nails. She's incredibly loyal to Launer's top-handle handbags (she reportedly owns more than 200 of them). And she has also supposedly traveled with the same luggage since her honeymoon with Prince Philip in 1947.

For the newlyweds' trip to Broadlands in Hampshire, England and Birkhall estate in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth - Princess Elizabeth at the time - purchased a set of Globe-Trotter's luggage. According to the luxury travel brand’s site, she continues to use her cases to this day to store her impeccably coordinated suits while traveling.

Globe-Trotter is known for its classic leather travel cases, all of which are handcrafted by artisans in England using techniques and machinery that date back to the Victorian Era.

In addition to Queen Elizabeth, the British brand has quite an impressive list of historical—and fictional—clientele, from Sir Winston Churchill circa 1924 to James Bond in the 2015 film, Spectre. It’s recently been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Duchess Kate, also own Globe-Trotter luggage from a recent collaboration with the Goring Hotel. The stylish cream-coloured case was spotted as it was carried across the tarmac during their five-day tour across Canada with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in July of 2017.

Like many luxury luggage brands, Globe-Trotter's trolley cases are designed to last and be passed through generations. With the amount The Queen has traveled over the past 70 years, however, her suitcases may have been updated in the last couple of decades to a newer Globe-Trotter collection.

The suitcase the Queen purchased in 1947 likely would have been from Globe-Trotter’s Original collection, which was designed in 1897. Presently, there’s a continuation of the brand’s first model with the traditional vulcanised fibre corner caps available in brown, navy, and red.

Be right back - off to get some royal luggage for ourselves.

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