Melania and Ivanka have become very popular but not in the way you'd expect

Here's everything you need to know...

Melania and Ivanka Trump Saudi Arabia

Here's everything you need to know...

Donald Trump has been making controversial decisions left, right and centre, and no one is remotely surprised.

But who often bears the brunt of it? First Lady Melania Trump and his daughter and political advisor, Ivanka Trump, who repeatedly support the president’s policies when quite frankly, they really should be questioning them.

While popularity-wise, the two women are probably at a record low, with Ivanka even admitting to cycling in the dark to avoid abuse, it turns out that according to a new study by AreaVibes there's a part of them that is surging in popularity. Their names.

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Yes, really. 'Melania' and 'Ivanka' are on the rise as baby names, making a huge jump in popularity.

The name 'Ivanka' has reportedly grown in popularity by 362% since 2015, and the name 'Melania' has risen in popularity by 227%.

Hilariously though, the male members of the Trump family haven’t had the same impact, with the monikers ‘Donald’ and ‘Eric’ seeing a huge dip in the polls.

Yes, the name 'Donald' has gone down in popularity by 11% and Eric’s name has dropped by 6%.

Well, that's hardly surprising.

Donald Trump has yet to comment on the baby naming trends surrounding his family, but being Trump, we're expecting an explosive Twitter post very soon.

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