Meghan Markle's brother just outlined his take on the Markle family rift

And it's pretty controversial...

meghan markle going to priyanka chopra's wedding

And it's pretty controversial...

Meghan Markle has a difficult relationship with her family, something that has plagued her first few months as a royal.

The Markles as a whole have created a lot of drama around the now Duchess of Sussex, from estranged nephew Tyler Dooley naming his cannabis business after her to her father Thomas Markle continuously engaging with the press, despite Meghan’s reported pleas for him not too, even leaking a private letter to the press this month.

Samantha Markle has undoubtedly taken the most attention, from her chilling Anne Boleyn warning to Meghan and her rumoured appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, to her choosing the Duchess’ due date to release her tell-all book.

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But it was Meghan’s estranged half brother, Thomas Markle Jr, who made news this week, talking to OK! Magazine about how Meghan's 'rift' with his father is affecting him.

‘He’s hurt and very confused about what happened to his relationship with his daughter, and I think he’s a little more frustrated now because he’s got a grandchild coming up with his favourite person that he worshiped,’ Thomas Markle Jr. explained. ‘They had such a tight bond together and now he’s worried about if he’s ever going to get to see his grandchild. It’s a new addition to the family and now would be a perfect opportunity for the family to get back together.’

Going on to explain the rift, he continued: ‘A lot of the distance happened between Meghan when she went to Toronto and her first big break in TV which was Suits and it turned out to be a big hit in the USA.

‘I think she turned into a little Hollywood starlet and she was focused on her career so much. I get it. I get being in that world because once you’re down that path you’ll do anything it takes to be successful so that had a lot to do with being distant from her whole family.’


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