Here’s why the internet is divided over Malia Obama’s secret Facebook account

From how it started to Twitter reactions…

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From how it started to Twitter reactions…

The Obamas are one of the most talked-about families in the world, and from Michelle taking to the stage at the Grammys to Barack releasing his memoir, they never fail to make viral news - even after leaving the White House.

It was their 20-year-old daughter Malia who made waves this week however, as her secret Facebook account was revealed.

And while a secret Facebook page is no big surprise, with high profile figures like Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice having also had under the radar social media profiles in the past, it’s what was on her page that divided the internet.

While one post of her drinking wine caused a bit of a stir, it was a seemingly anti-Trump message that made the most news.

The post in question was a picture of post-it notes, featuring the messages: ‘Donald Trump is President’, ’This is not normal’ and ‘Don’t be complacent’, a message that was commented on by Former VP Joe Biden’s 20-year-old granddaughter who reportedly wrote: ‘Never saw this. I like it.’

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions (and privacy), this post has exploded online, dividing Twitter, with some accusing the former first daughter of sending an ‘inappropriate’ message.

And while Malia has faced a lot of backlash, there were plenty of people coming to the former first daughter’s defence.

‘Let me get this straight: Malia Obama is studying at Harvard and in a private setting, articulated her distrust and fear of a man who has spent years saying racist, xenophobic, hateful things about her father and the country she loves,’ tweeted Charlotte Clymer.

Zack Bernstein agreed, going on to reference the backlash against her seen to be drinking alcohol from her Facebook page, posting: ’The same people mad at Malia Obama for drinking wine and wearing a bathing suit at age 20 are the same people who excuse Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer and assaulting a woman at age 17’

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton also shared her thoughts on the matter, stepping in to defend the 20-year-old.

‘Malia Obama is a private citizen,’ she posted. ‘No part of her life should be anyone’s click bate.’

The page that doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2017

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