Apparently Prince Harry used this fake name for his secret social media accounts

And it’s hilarious.

prince harry

And it’s hilarious.

Earlier this week we found out that Prince William had a secret name at University, with the future King’s friends referring to him as Steve to allow him to fly under the radar and to ensure no gossip got out when his pals talked about him in public.

It seemed only natural that his younger brother, Prince Harry, would have adopted the same tactic, and sure enough it has emerged that the 33-year-old prince also had a pseudonym to keep him hidden.

But unlike Wills, Prince Harry’s alias wasn’t to sail through university rumour-free, but instead to live a normal life, and be social media active like his friends and classmates.

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That’s right, Prince Harry apparently used his alter ego to go undetected on Facebook, reportedly sharing pictures and posts with his 400 friends.

But what did he call himself?

While William went for an everyday moniker (Steve), Harry’s social media alter ego had a little more edge - going by the pseudonym, Spike.

That’s right. According to widespread reports, Prince Harry went by the alias Spike Wells on social media until 2012, when he supposedly deleted his account.

So it looks like Spike Wells is a thing of the past, but we kind of hope there's a secret Instagram account out there too in his name!

We'll have to wait and see.

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