Love Island’s Rosie has a lot to say about Zara’s shock exit

And we don’t know what to think.

And we don’t know what to think.

We’re one month into Love Island 2018, and the past week has seen more drama than we thought possible.

The weekend ahead will see the boys and girls split into two separate villas filled with islanders of the opposite sex, to test their affections for each other, but even that doesn’t sound dramatic compared to the events that occurred on Wednesday.

The show saw a shock double elimination, with the islanders packing their bag determined by their fellow contestants. While the girls chose to eliminate Eyal for the simple reason that he hadn’t been in a couple for long, the boys selected Zara to pack her bags, despite being in a seemingly solid couple with Adam.

Adam was then faced with the decision of leaving the house with her - something Zara stressed that she wanted - or staying on the island with the chance of recoupling, eventually choosing the latter.

‘I will wait for [Adam]’ said Zara as she left the villa, going on to explain that she feels that she has found 'love', something that viewers were quick to question on Twitter, predicting that ‘playboy’ Adam would soon stray - especially now that he’s in Casa Amor with six new female arrivals.

Adam and Zara. Credit: REX

Unsurprisingly, former Islander, Rosie Williams, has a lot to say about the matter, getting eliminated from the island after Adam chose to end his romance with her in order to start a relationship with Zara.

Their break up was so dramatic in fact that even domestic abuse charity, Women’s Aid, got involved, using Adam’s ‘manipulative’ behaviour as a warning.


So how did Rosie take the news that Zara was packing her bags? According to the 26-year-old solicitor, it was a strong reaction.

‘I was actually dancing around the hotel room,’ Rosie explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning. ‘Hayley was trying to catch it on camera.’

She continued: ‘I think a lot of what Zara did to me wasn’t actually shown and it was just nice to see she didn’t stay in there too long.’


'It sort of upset me when I watched it back,’ Rosie explained of her friendship with Zara. ‘Because I did make friends with her in there and I watched it back and just sort of saw what she was saying behind my back and when I was walking over to Adam and I was like “oh charming, so I didn’t actually blame you for it all but now maybe it was a bit your fault”.’

But will Adam stay faithful to the Zara while he’s in the villa? Rosie certainly doesn’t seem to think so, explaining her prediction to Capital FM this week.

‘For Zara’s sake I hope he does [stay faithful] but I really don’t see it. There are three fit brunettes in that line-up so… you know…’

We get you, Rosie.

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