Kanye has an air freshener of Kim’s cry face in his car

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  • And it's amazing.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently attended Blue Ivy’s fifth birthday party at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s LA home, suggesting that the two couples may have put the past behind them after their supposed rift and could finally be moving forward with their friendship.

    It wasn’t however this long-awaited reconciliation or even the birthday girl that had everyone talking. Instead it was Kanye West’s choice of car air freshener that went viral, photographed as he left the party and got into his car. Yes, really.

    The air freshener, a dangling scented emoji of his wife’s crying face, gained viral attention and a lot of love for Kanye – even trending on Twitter.

    Kim Kardashian is renowned for being one of the worst criers of all time and her cry face has been a viral sensation for as long as we can remember. So much so, in fact, that the 36 year old reality star and her family can’t resist making fun of it at any chance they get.

    Photo of Kim Kardashian crying

    It seems fitting then that when Kim launched her very own line of emojis, or Kimojis, her ‘ugly cry face’ made the cut. Also featured in the Kimoji line are the icons for shower sex, Jesus, her butt and fish tacos – quite a diverse range then.

    The Kimoji range has proven popular, with her creations going on to be turned into every type of merchandise imaginable, from phone cases and wrapping paper to mugs and cushions.

    The most famous now, however, is undoubtedly the car air freshener, with even her husband investing in one.

    The rapper’s choice of car accessory has sparked an outpouring of love and a lot of respect for Kanye. For someone who says a lot of controversial things (as these Kanye West quotes prove), this hilarious and affectionate dig at his wife is actually very sweet, revealing the lighthearted side of the Kardashian-West relationship that we rarely get to see.

    Who knew that Kanye’s choice of air freshener would give us boyfriend goals?

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