Kim Kardashian didn’t invite her surrogate to her baby shower for a very important reason

And we totally get it…

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And we totally get it…

From the editors of InStyle Words by Isabel Jones

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian West celebrated the upcoming birth of her third child with a floral fête worthy of a Queen and/or a Kardashian — yes that's right, she had the most extravagant baby shower ever.

The star-studded guest list of course included her immediate family as well as pals Chrissy Teigen, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, Jordyn Woods, and Larsa Pippen.

Noticeably absent from the festivities? The woman at the centre of it all, otherwise known as the surrogate carrying Kim and Kanye West’s baby.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old told The Real that she did not invite her surrogate to the event. ‘I introduced her to my family earlier that day, and I just thought … I don’t know, it was a weird decision to have to make,’ she explained.

‘Of course I would have wanted her to be there, and be a part of it,’ she clarified, ‘but I hadn’t really gone that far in explaining it to my kids yet.’

‘So I have to figure that out first before they really see, and then if we’re celebrating, you know, her … I just wanted to celebrate the baby. I think I have to explain it to my kids first, and figure out how I’m going to explain it to them.’

That being said, Kim wants to make it clear that she’s a huge fan of the woman carrying her child.

‘I love her,’ Kardashian gushed. ‘I have the best relationship with my surrogate. She’s so nice. She’s the perfect person to do this for my family.’

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