This A-list actor told Jessica Chastain to ‘calm down’ after the Harvey Weinstein allegations

And she was having none of it

Jessica Chastain
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And she was having none of it

The past two months have been consumed by sexual abuse awareness, with the movement started by the brave women who came out with their statements against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein’s accusers now amount to over 50 women, with alleged victims ranging from Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow to Cara Delevingne and Rose McGowan, with even those who haven’t experienced harassment speaking out to stand with their sisters. Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has been one of the most vocal actresses in the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations scandal, but according to the actress it cost her a lot of backlash.

‘I was tweeting a lot of the time and actually got an email from a well-known actor that said, “Calm down,”’ the 40-year-old actress explained during a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show. ‘I found that heartbreaking and can only think he didn’t understand the movement that was happening.’

‘I’m going to speak my mind about any injustice that I see,’ she explained to The Daily Beast previously. ‘I’m not afraid of anything in terms of that and I think the greatest myth that an industry can create is to make people feel they’re easily replaceable. I’m not going to allow that into my life.’

In terms of the current movement of awareness, she continued: ‘I feel hopeful. I feel happy. I know it’s devastating, it’s terrible, it’s heartbreaking. These stories that are coming out are just so sad. But what makes me hopeful is that people are taking responsibility for their silence, their inaction.’

She continued: ‘In no way should we, as a society, look at the victims and show any sense of blame. But anyone involved in an industry where there is abuse like this, you are part of the problem. And your inaction makes you complicit. So what’s happening now is…I think everyone is starting to look at where they fit in this industry.’

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