Jessica Alba has had enough of mothers being shamed for breastfeeding in the office

And we're behind her.

jessica alba breastfeeding
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And we're behind her.

Breastfeeding in public has long been a controversial subject, dividing the public - some find it inappropriate and offensive while others recognise it as a healthy natural act between a mother and child.

It's 2018 - and mothers don't have the luxury of always being able to breastfeed from the comfort of their own homes. Sometimes we need to breastfeed on the go - whether it's at a cafe, on public transport or as Jessica Alba demonstrated this week, at work.

For working mums like Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company, breastfeeding in the office is not only normal but a necessity.

In an attempt to shed the stigma around the subject, the celebrity mother of three posted a photo of herself breastfeeding at work to her Instagram.

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‘Went into my Honest office today for a board meeting, although I’m still technically on mat leave,’ she captioned the post. ‘Not gonna lie, it’s impossible for me to completely unplug from work…and it felt nice being back - even though it was just a half day. Baby boy came to visit/ eat at lunch/ Felt very productive today.’

Using the hashtags #workingmom, #entrepreneurlife and #breastfeedingmama, she's removing the stigma around it one post at a time - and she's not alone.

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There are plenty of high profile mothers paving the way towards an end to breastfeeding stigma, from Olivia Wilde, who posted a photo of 'her drinking buddy', alongside the hashtag #neverunderestimatethepowerofawoman, to Pink, who annually celebrates International Breastfeeding Week.

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‘I proudly post this photo of a very HEALTHY NATURAL act between mother and child,' Pink posted to her Instagram. 'Taken in Helsinki by a very supportive and proud Papa.’

A big thank you to these celebrity mothers who are paving the way for us all!

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