Jenna Dewan just opened up about how Channing Tatum won her over

And it has given us serious relationship goals


And it has given us serious relationship goals

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are known for being one of Hollywood’s sweetest couples, meeting on the set of Step Up in 2006, marrying in 2009 and welcoming their first child, Evelyn, in 2013.

We didn’t know until recently, however, how they got from their Step Up days to where they are now.

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While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Jenna recalled how the two started their relationship, admitting to giving Channing an ultimatum on set.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres, Jenna explained, ‘I said “well look, if you want to date other people and be free that’s totally fine, but we’re not going to hang out and watch movies. You have to figure out what you want because I want a relationship.”’

The 36-year-old actress then recalled the moment Channing turned up at her hotel room door, just three days after she challenged him.

‘He said he had the chance to be free and he couldn’t stop thinking about me,’ Jenna explained. ‘He’s in a sombrero, underwear and Ugg boots and said, “Let’s do this.”’

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That sounds like a romantic comedy in itself, but it gets even better, with Jenna going on to explain that the whole set found out the next day.

‘It’s even worse because the next morning he was in my room and I go to set because I had an earlier call time. I’m getting hair and make up done and an hour goes by and the production assistants go, “We can’t find Channing. We don’t know where he is! He’s not in his room – we’ve banged on his door and called his room.”’

Jenna then explained how she had to call a production assistant over and explain that he was actually in her hotel room, and how when Channing eventually came to set, he was greeted by applause from the cast and crew.

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Channing has also spoken about how the couple started dating, explaining to Redbook in the past: ‘We were basically together on the movie. It's interesting now, because we can watch it and see; we can go, “Oh, wow, that was actually our real first kiss.”’

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He continued: ‘As soon as the movie wrapped, we went back to L.A. and were together, and together ever since — never broken up. It felt different in that cameras and about 30 sweaty grips were all around — but not really. I don't know how to explain it. It definitely counted. We were both obviously reeling from it. And we liked it enough to keep coming back.’

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