James Franco Just Got The Best Emma Watson Tattoo Ever

James Franco just declared his love for Hermione Grainger in possibly the best way ever…

James Franco Emma Watson tattoo

James Franco just declared his love for Hermione Grainger in possibly the best way ever…

We love the Harry Potter films as much as the next person, so obviously the best way to announce this to the world is to get a giant tattoo of Hermione’s face. On your neck. Just like James Franco.

The actor unveiled his new tattoo on Instagram last night, complete with Emma’s name written under the inking of her face. The caption read, ‘I love Hermione. Ink by @indiangiver,’ complete with a heart emoji.

Emma Watson and James Franco starred in 2013’s This Is The End together, so is this a sign of an impending new Hollywood it-couple?

Well, sadly not, since the tattoo isn't permanent. In fact, it’s not even temporary. The tattoo was the work of Cheyenne Randall, who Photoshops fake tattoos onto images of celebrities. His previous work includes the likes of Cara Delevingne, Winona Ryder and Princess Diana.

The other tattoos in the photo are fake too, including the giant eagle and stars across his chest. But this isn’t the first time Franco has gotten some slightly weird temporary tattoos. He had Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift’s faces inked on the back of his bald head for the film adaptation of the novel Zeroville last year.

In May he also had a giant devil tattoo on his chest for his part in the upcoming film The Long Home.

His fans on Instagram had mixed reactions, with comments ranging from, ‘I'm laughing so hard this is unreal,’ down to, ‘Best tattoo ever!!!!’ We have to say, we're pretty glad this one isn't real.

Image: @indiangiver Instagram

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