Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are no longer friends

‘It’s clear that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with’

Ivanka complicit
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‘It’s clear that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with’

It has been over a year since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, marking the end of what was undoubtedly the meanest presidential election of all time, pitting the once friendly Trump and Clinton families against each other.

For Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, this was a threat to their friendship, with the pair being pals for years.

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Despite both insisting that they had remained friends on the campaign trail, with Ivanka explaining ‘our friendship has never been about politics’, it seems like Chelsea Clinton has finally called time of death on their relationship.

This week the 38-year-old appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her new book, She Persisted Around The World, and when the subject of their unlikely friendship came up, Chelsea didn’t sugarcoat the truth.

‘I have not spoken to her in a long time,’ Chelsea explained. ‘It’s clear though that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with. I’ve been very vocal about my opposition to President Trump and this White House.’

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. Credit: Rex

Going on to talk about the Trump presidency in general, Stephen continued, ‘Now, your family has a particularly unique relationship emotionally to the fact that Donald Trump is president of the United States,' to which Clinton replied: 'Stephen, I think that a lot of us have pretty unique emotional relationships to the fact that Donald Trump is president. Unfortunately, this administration is kind of the collision of cruelty and incompetence.’

But does Chelsea have any sympathy for Ivanka? And should she be cut some slack? Chelsea thinks not, explaining, ‘I think that anyone who works for the president certainly should expect to be scrutinised for whatever decisions that not only she or he is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day.’

Ivanka has yet to respond but we doubt a friendship is on the cards for these two.

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