Girls’ Names: Celebrity Baby Names You’ll Want To Copy For Your Daughter

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  • Need girls' names inspiration? These celebrity offspring can help. Warning: contains gorgeous baby photos...

    Girls’ names: so many options, yet so hard to make a decision. Trying to find the perfect moniker for your daughter can be a major challenge. For one thing, you often find that in the months before you give birth, everyone around you is popping out babies at the same time and stealing all your favourite girls’ names. It’s completely unreasonable of them, and yet weirdly there are no laws to stop it happening. 

    Then there’s the possibility that while you might like the name Polly, your partner knew a really annoying Polly at school and won’t even consider it – or while he thinks the baby should be named after his mum, you’ve always loved more unusual girls’ names.

    So as in all things, why not let Hollywood help? In the world of celebrity, there’s one born every minute, and the beauty of celebs is that they don’t feel restricted by ‘traditional’ girls’ names – fame has given them the confidence to just pick a word and turn it into a name, thus paving the way for us to use it later. The added bonus is that you’re unlikely to bump into Eva Mendes at the creche and be forced to reveal that you stole her idea. 

    With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a diverse list of celebrity baby girls’ names to provide you with some much-needed inspiration. And if you still can’t find the perfect name – well, at least our gallery includes some pretty adorable celebrity baby pictures.

    Name: Max Zuckerberg

    Parents: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

    Born: December 2015

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