Forget what you thought you knew about Love Island’s bracelet-sniffing Eyal

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  • 'I am a spiritual and deep guy but I have never spoken about my emotions so much'

    Love island 2018 is already in full swing, and we’re properly hooked.

    The dramatic dumping this week saw Adam, Ellie, Darylle and Alex pack their bags, leaving the island for good, but while we’re sad now, they will soon become a distant memory.

    One person who it’s going to take us a while to forget however is Eyal Booker, known for his deep chats about stars and the moment he sniffed Adam’s bracelet.


    But don’t be fooled, despite what we all thought at the start, Eyal Booker is a lot more than just a llama meme.

    I sat down with the 22-year-old after his dramatic exit from the villa, and despite my best efforts, I was completely won over by his charisma, charm and contrary to what it may have looked like in the villa, effortless likability.

    In fact if we were both in the villa tomorrow, he would now be my top choice to couple up with. Trust me no one is more surprised than me

    From wanting to hear all about my springer spaniels to inquiring if I was enjoying the sunshine, he was a refreshing meet, prompting me to preach to all of my unsuspecting friends that they have got him all wrong.

    Here’s what we talked about…

    love island 2018 couples


    Sum up your fellow islanders:

    DANI: ‘Beautiful soul’

    JACK: ‘Genuine’

    GEORGIA: ‘Full of life’

    SAMIRA: ‘Sassy’

    JOSH: ‘Honest’

    ALEX: ‘Dr Love’

    MEGAN: ‘Interesting’

    WES: ‘Youthful’

    ELLIE: ‘Cute’

    SAM: ‘Confident’

    Who out of all of the islanders will you stay friends with?

    ‘Jack and Josh in particular – but definitely all the guys, we got on so well. We were all honest and truthful with each other however hard it got at times. We said it how it was and overcame a lot. Girls-wise, I would definitely stay friends with Dani – she honestly has such a beautiful soul. And Samira – I love her sass and I look forward to a night out with her. Everyone brought something different to the table and so through life I think we’ll all share different experiences together.’

    Who’s excited for love island tonight??? ❤️? #teameyal

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    Who would you couple up with out of the new Love Island girls?

    ‘I think it would be Kaz – she seems really down to earth and really bubbly. All I wanted to do was to have fun in there and enjoy the time I had and she looks like she would be one to do that with.’

    Who would you couple up with out of the OG Love Island girls?

    ‘It would have been Ellie – I was just getting to know her and it was really flowing. It was the first time I didn’t have to think about what I was saying and I really liked that.’

    How do you pass the time in the villa?

    ‘To be honest we just sit around and talk about everything to do with life, but obviously on TV you only see the dating aspect. We definitely talk about our emotions a lot. It’s fair to say that I am a spiritual and deep guy but I have never spoken about my emotions so much, which was fun and intense at times. We also eat a lot of cheese toasties as I’m sure you have heard.’

    What is the eating situation on Love Island?

    ‘We have breakfast that we cook ourselves – usually someone or a group will cook one up for everyone. Then lunch and dinner are catered for, and that is usually when our mics are being changed so we just have 10 minutes of peace and quiet and don’t talk about anything relating to the show.’

    Do you avoid having your personal conversations off camera?

    ‘Pretty much. We’re not told not to talk, but we’re told not to talk about anything to do with our couples, dating or our emotions. I think it’s fair enough as that is the nature of the show.’

    Who is the best chef?

    ‘That’s a good question – we were just cooking eggs really so don’t take my word for it. Wes was pretty good on that hob, I’ll tell you that, but Dani makes a mean cheese toastie. Honestly, she was like Mother Theresa in there – she would clean up after everyone and make us all toasties – she honestly has a heart of gold.’

    When she says it’s a game ?❤️?#teameyal

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    What’s the most surprising thing about Villa life?

    ‘We have no concept of time in there. It took some getting used to, but we just had no clocks or calendars. Alex and I used to gauge the time by where the sun was – it would set around 9.30/10pm and so we would just play with it from there – I think we were getting pretty close by the end. But we had to keep on it, unless we made a conscious effort to remember the day and date, we never really knew what day it was.’

    How long does a recoupling actually take?

    ‘The recoupling takes a little bit longer than you see on TV but it’s not like it’s filmed multiple times. It is pretty quick to be honest – and daunting, but Caroline directs that and she knows what she’s doing.’

    If you were asked to go back into the villa, would you?

    ‘I live in the moment and so I wouldn’t know until the moment approaches but it depends what the situation is. All of the guys are my friends and I’m not the kind of guy to come in and steal someone away from someone. It would be a difficult thing to do and if that was the option, I don’t think I’d be the guy for the task.’

    I’m Baaaccckkkkkk ?⚡️??‍♂️ Thankyou to all the people who have shown ridiculous amounts of love and support during my time on Love Island and since leaving its fair to say it’s been an overwhelming day and I never imagined I’d get the reception I have. I’m beyond grateful. I’ve had the experience of a lifetime that’s for sure. Believe me when I say it wasn’t an easy experience at times and was a rollercoaster ride full of some of the most incredible highs and also some pretty low points. It’s an experience that not many people would have the opportunity to go through and I’m so glad I ran with it. Although it’s fair to say I definitely didn’t find Love in the Love Island villa and probably picked the two least compatible girls for me ?, I wouldn’t change anything and I leave the villa without a single regret. As humans & an individual all we can do is live, learn and continue to live life to the fullest. It’s fair to say we don’t always get it right but that’s part of the learning process. I feel like I stayed true to myself and my emotions and have never been afraid to feel what I feel and wear my heart on my sleeve. Us Islanders spend 24/7 with eachother and become one big family extremely quickly. We argue, we did wrong by eachother at times but we always overcame our differences and united as a family does. Another chapter in my life started and life couldn’t be more exciting. I’m wishing the rest of my Islanders the most incredible journey within the Villa and I hope they continue to show themselves as they truly are. I’m back home and reunited with my incredible family & Friends who mean the world to me. Big love to my bros @tal.booker // @arielhbooker for handling my insta whilst I was away. Stay tuned for more Love Island updates and follow me on my journey after leaving the Villa. P.s. nothing would have been possible without this incredible team from ITV and they truly are one of a kind❣️. #loveisland #loveislandaftersun

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    What is next for you?

    ‘I would like to continue modelling now that I’m out of the villa and get into presenting, but charity work has always been something on my mind and now that I have a platform, I would really like to push that. I want to save the world.’

    What charities would you want to get involved in?

    ‘There are three charity routes I want to go down. I want to get involved in a children’s charity because I have always wanted to inspire the younger generation to be the best possible versions of themselves and I think that it is a hard world that they’re growing up in. I’d also like to work with an ocean conservation charity, and then of course a dog charity because I love dogs. I have a beautiful black golden doodle called Benji – he’s the best ever. Dogs aren’t just for Christmas.’

    Who do you want to win Love Island?

    ‘Jack and Dani – they’re the most genuine couple in there. I know that everyone is saying it but they are honestly the real deal. They have been tested now and they overcame that. They’re just genuinely falling for each other and it was a beautiful thing to see.’


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