Eva Longoria opens up about how BFF Anna Faris is doing post-split

'We're going to be best friends - We ARE best friends now'

Eva Longoria
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'We're going to be best friends - We ARE best friends now'

From the Editors of People Words by Kara Warner

'Anna is the best human being in the world,' Eva Longoria told PEOPLE of her Overboard co-star and new BFF at the Kiss This 4MBC campaign launch event in New York on Friday. 'She plays my best friend [in the film] so I was like, "we’re gonna be best friends. We ARE best friends now." And she was like, "Okay you’re scaring me." But no, we fell in love quick. And she’s just a really great human being.'

And even in the face of her split from husband Chris Pratt, Longoria said that Faris seems to be doing well.

'I didn’t speak with her about this particular thing, but we have spoken since and she’s doing great,' said Longoria. 'Life goes on.'

anna faris

(Image credit: Rex)

The former Desperate Housewives star added that Anna Faris is even more fun in person than she appears onscreen.

'She’s way more fun, and she’s deep,' said Longoria. 'She’s a lot deeper than I think people know. People think [she’s] her House Bunny [character], but she’s so smart.'

Faris and Longoria’s gender-swapped remake of Garry Marshall’s 1987 comedy classic starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell won’t be released until next year, but Longoria noted that audiences might be surprised by Faris’s role in the film.

'This particular take is a remake but they gender-swapped it so Anna is actually playing Kurt Russell,' she said. 'Everybody thinks she’s Goldie Hawn because she’s blonde. But no, she’s actually playing the Kurt Russell [character].'

Eva Longoria has teamed up with Novartis and the Kiss This 4MBC campaign. For every boomerang and selfie posted with #kissthis4mbc Novartis will donate $10 to metastatic breast cancer research. More information can be found at kissthis4mbc.com.

Overboard is scheduled to be released in theatres April 20, 2018.

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