15 Times Emma Watson Was Absolutely Brilliant

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  • An ode to Emma - just because.

    We know that being Emma Watson must come with certain responsibilities – being a global feminist role model is one of them, maintaining her rep as a kick-ass actress is another.

    But last time we checked, Emma is doing pretty well at being Emma. In fact she’s doing so amazingly, we thought we’d round up her best bits so we can all share in her greatness. These are the 15 times Miss Watson was just brilliant…

    1. At the start of Jan 2016, Emma announced on Twitter that she’s starting a feminist book club to coincide with her (amazing) work with the UN. Two weeks in, her page on Good Reads has nearly 90,000 members and so many amazing book suggestions that we’ve already cleared our bookshelves…

    2. Emma Watson knows when to speak up and we absolutely love her for it. When actress Noma Dumezweni received racial abuse after being cast as Hermoine in the 2016 stage production of Harry Potter, Emma tweeted her support: 

    3. And remember when Miss Watson elevated the term ‘girl squad’ to the highest of heights when she chilled with Taylor Swift backstage in London after a concert in 2015? Someone please tell us how we join.

    4. When Emma became the face of the United Nations to launch the ‘He For She’ campaign she basically broke the internet and re-created feminism in the process. She made an epic speech urging men to ‘speak out about the inequalities faced by women and girls’ and pushed for social and economic change…

    Source: sask.io

    5. …And interviewing Nobel Prize winner and Taliban-survivor Malala Yousafzai was just another day in the life of Emma and her work for the UN. The seriously inspiring video of these two super-women will make you want to become an activist if (you’re not one already).

    6. Casually chilling with supermodel Kate Moss, and actual royalty Prince William at a charity event, Emma looked chilled-out and oh-so graceful…

    7. Oh, and in 2014 Emma was recognised by like, the entire UK fashion industry, winning a British Style Award and remembering to thank her whole team in her wonderfully-humble speech which we’ve replayed over and over…

    8. She also rocked this cut-out dress back in 2013 which was classy and just the right level of revealing at the same time, so we’ve taken notes obvs.

    9. Whilst on set for The Prisoner of Azkaban, Emma and her co-stars Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were each set an essay on their characters to help them better engage. And in true Harry Potter style, Emma turned in a sixteen-page masterpiece. (Dan provided a short answer and Rupert forgot completely.)

    Sometimes it’s hard to know where Emma ends and Hermione ends…

    Source: Tumblr.aisese

    10. Did we mention Emma’s completely hilarious? Emma did a whole dance routine with Jimmy Fallon just for the LOLs and looked pretty awesome doing so.

    Source: blog.relay.im

    Source: blog.relay.im
    Source: Uproxx.com
    11. Erm, have you seen Emma’s first ever US interview from 2001? Brimming with confidence as a kid, she displayed her feminist credentials early on when she confidently told the TV hosts that landed she landed the role as Hermoine because ‘she was worth it’ – so cute.

    12. And just how many other world-famous actresses have juggled being a movie star and studying really hard, for like ten years? Probably just Emma…

    She first enrolled in US Ivy-league college Brown in 2009 before taking a break to finish the final Harry Potter film, then in 2011 she transferred to Oxford before putting things on hold to star in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Then in 2014 Emma returned to Brown again and graduated with a first in English Literature. Oh and she uploaded a graduation selfie to Twitter too. Actual. Wonder-woman.

    Source: Twitter/EmmaWatson

    13. When Emma won the MTV Trailblazer Award in 2013 and totally shunned the mean-and-moody-pose in favour of a very obvious display of complete happiness, our hearts practically melted. You go girl.

    14. Also, she became a qualified yoga instructor to counter-balance her crazy celebrity lifestyle: ‘I’m a massive yoga fan and I’ve been trying, for a couple of years now, to finish my yoga certification so that I can teach, which is very exciting.’ she told Nick Grimshaw back in 2013. Is there no end to this girl’s talents?

    Source: tumblr/lisakrew

    15. Yes she might be a global fashion icon, but Emma doesn’t do discomfort when it comes to looking good. (Our kinda woman). Speaking to Porter in 2016 she said: ‘When I was younger I remember being told ‘no pain no gain’, but recently my willingness to wear something that makes me freezing cold or that I can’t walk in has changed. I want to feel fabulous and strong and beautiful. If it’s making you uncomfortable, don’t do it.’

    Emma Watson talks so much sense, people.

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