What is condom art, and why are A-Listers putting it in their homes?

Here’s everything to know…

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Here’s everything to know…

Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner’s LA homes were featured in this month’s Architectural Digest, with the mother and daughter giving the publication grand tours of their private pads.

Unsurprisingly, like everything the Jenner-Kardashians do, it became a huge talking point.

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But it wasn’t Kris Jenner’s wall of Birkin bags or Kylie’s ‘Plastic’ make up station (complete with multiple pastel wigs) that baffled the internet. Instead it was their shared love of condom art.

Yes, really. Condom art is a thing, and it seems to be taking LA by storm.

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Both Kylie and Kris Jenner's homes appeared to be decked out in work by artist Beau Dunn, but it wasn't Beau's big Barbie frames or Need Money for Birkin piece that made the most noise. Instead it was her large condom wall sculptures, from her 'Size Does Matter' collection, that featured in Kylie's (and apparently Kris') homes.

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What is condom art?

Beau Dunn's condom art consists of sculptures of Trojan condom packets, coming in eight 25 x 25 inch styles: Intense Pleasure, Ultra Ribbed, Magnum XXL, Her Pleasure, His Pleasure, BareSkin, Twister Lubricated and Pure Ecstasy Lubricant.

How much is condom art?

While the price is not known for Beau’s condom sculptures, judging by her work that is on sale, they must have been pretty pricy. Beau is currently selling six Barbie prints, with the prices ranging from $1000 to $8000.

So - condom art is a thing. There’s some news that none of us were expecting.

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