Chrissy Teigen’s contract is going viral for a very surprising reason

Wait, WHAT?

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Wait, WHAT?

Chrissy Teigen has never been one to shy away from confrontation, known for shutting down twitter trolls, calling out bullies and making her stance on the Donald Trumps of the world known.

Her main aim? Body positivity, sharing make up free shots and calling out online criticism.

This week however the 32-year-old made news for her lack of body confidence, as very surprising details about her past contracts emerged.

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The focus of Chrissy’s insecurities? Her feet, described by the model as ‘Asian jungle feet’.

The model’s feet became a conversation topic this month after it emerged that her contracts stipulate that her feet are not to be in shot, with Chrissy suggesting on one particular Sports Illustrated shoot to have her feet ‘buried’ into the sand.

And when her feet are photographed, they must be ‘retouched’ - according to her contract anyway.

Why? Because she just doesn’t like them.

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In fact, during Chrissy’s recent appearance on The Ellen Show, she explained to the host Ellen Degeneres that her feet have become a family joke.

‘John always says if I die…all he has to do in the morgue - instead of lifting up the sheet on the face - he’ll just do it the other way,’ Chrissy told the audience. ‘He can tell by my feet.’

These two!

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