Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk just accidentally photobombed an Instagram video

This is hilarious.

bradley cooper irina shayk

This is hilarious.

Words by Olivia Edwardes

Attention - the most LA thing ever has just happened.

On a casual stroll in Los Angeles, Bradley Cooper and supermodel partner Irina Shayk photobombed a pair of Instagram fitness gurus getting in their morning workout on the beach. 

The video starts with two guys boxing on glorious Santa Monica beach, the place where seemingly every celebrity goes on casual family strolls.

Bradley Cooper strolls into the frame (three dogs in tow), to the cameraman Clay Pickler’s delight, exclaiming 'Shut the fuck up! What's up, bro? How you doin' man?'. Bradley was gracious, declining the two men’s offer to join them in their boxing sesh.

We’re glad he said no, you wouldn’t want to be known as that guy that accidentally punched an Oscar nominee in the face.

Cameraman Pickler was still in giddy disbelief, whispering 'What the fuck?' as Cooper’s Russian girlfriend then walked into the shot, holding hands with their two year old daughter.

We can relate - we couldn't have played it cool either.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk REX
(Image credit: Isadora/

The celebrity couple have been together for four years and retained their privacy throughout, only accompanying each other to a handful of red carpet events, and never divulging personal information about their relationship.

But this video confirms that the couple are still going strong.

(Image credit: Rex)

Fame is the true test of a relationship and we’re happy to see the couple out enjoying the California sun with their daughter. We’d definitely up our boxing game too if Bradley was invited. 

Well that was some news we weren't expecting.

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