9 Reasons Why Blue Ivy Carter Is Destined To Do Something Special…

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  • The next female president? America's 'It' girl answer to Alexa Chung? Or the newest member of Roc Nation? We're talking about the combined beauty, brains and talent of hip hop's first power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z - success is guaranteed. Bow down, to Blue Ivy Carter.

    1. Her auntie dresses like this...

    Yes, Solange Knowles is just this cool. Beyoncé’s younger sister can rock an afro like no other – the makings of which we’ve already seen on Blue Ivy – and she’s got a fierce vintage style to boot. With all of the best bits of Beyoncé and Solange, Blue Ivy has some seriously impressive fashion-savviness running in her veins…

    2. Her momma can shake it like this...

    Enough said.

    3. She has THE BEST babysitters.

    Independent women Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – Queen Bey’s former Destiny’s Child bandmates – are sure to be prepping this musical hybrid for stardom from the word go. Now, Destiny’s Child has seen a lot of line-ups, but Saturday night living room renditions of ‘Bootilicious’ with these two are the stuff of dreams. Best honorary aunties, ever.

    4. Her future husband will have to answer to this...

    If Jay Z and Drake weren’t enough to scare all future boyfriends away from the Carter household, having Kanye West around for a regular tidbits of wisdom should be enough to ensure BIC won’t settle for anything less than being the world’s new power couple. Mr West said it himself: ‘If you know you’re the best, it only makes sense for you to surround yourself with the best. NO EXCEPTIONS.’ Thanks Kanye.

    5. Jay Z can rap like this...

    With this man singing you lullabies there’s no way you can avoid musical talent. Jay Z wrote and recorded ‘Glory’ especially for his ‘greatest creation’ Blue Ivy. He even put her first cry on the track so he could call it their first collaboration. Aww.


    6. Her stamp on the world could be huge.

    When Trayvon Martin’s killer walked free, Mr and Mrs Carter protested with the rest. When Obama was campaigning for US president, Beyoncé was flying the flag and she sung at his inauguration. When Nelson Mandela died, Jay Z paid tribute at his Staples Centre show. Mr and Mrs Carter are certainly vocal about what they think is right, could we see a political heavyweight emerge?

    7. Beyoncé. Beyoncé. Beyoncé.

    THIS woman is teaching Blue Ivy Carter life lessons. Hello! Beyoncé worked so hard to reach the heights of mega stardom that she admits she missed out on a lot of her childhood. That’s how we know Bey won’t be a ‘stage mom’, she’s going to let Blue Ivy discover why she’s special in her own time. Aww.

    8. These are her future ‘peeps’

    We can only hope that Beyoncé will set up some pretty impressive playdates with the likes of Harper Beckham, Suri Cruise and North West. Plus, with potential suitors like Prince George, Flynn Bloom and Mason Disick rapping at the door, Blue Ivy might become our new favourite ‘It’ girl before long.

    9. Jay Z KNOWS how to scout talent.

    If platinum-selling albums from both parents wasn’t enough, ‘Hov’ also lays claim to one of the biggest record labels in the world. This super-savvy businessman discovered feisty female singer Rihanna, plus our very own Rita Ora (oh and Haim, didn’t you know?), showing that he knows a thing or two about selling records. Therefore the Carter-Knowles baby will be brought up by (and around) the best in the biz.

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