The 2017 Instagram rich list has officially been announced

Here’s how much money they earn for one Instagram post…

In this day and age, having an Instagram account can actually fund your entire life – and a luxurious one at that.

This doesn’t apply to all of us of course, but for those who have made it to Instagram celebrity status, raking in hundreds of thousands of likes per snap and therefore getting sponsorship deals from all directions, it is possible to earn bigger bucks than Hollywood A-listers.

Jealous, us? Maybe a little.

While we all count down the hours to leave our 9 till 5s to unwind on our blogs or have a scour through Instagram feed, some people out there are doing it as a career – and getting paid more for one Instagram upload than we make in a month.

Luckily for us all, Hopper HQ have compiled the first-ever Instagram Rich List, revealing which Instagram celebrities have the most followers and how much they’re each getting paid per post.

Here is Hopper HQ‘s 2017 Instagram Rich List…

Jane of the Jungle ?? guys please let me know where to go in LA!

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1. Huda Kattan
Followers: 20.6 million
££ per post: £14,000

2. Cameron Dallas
Followers: 20 million
££ per post: £13,000

3. Jen Selter
Followers: 11.4 million
££ per post: £12,000

4. Zoe Sugg
Followers: 11.1 million
££ per post: £11,000

He stole my hat after this

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5. Nash Grier
Followers: 10.2 million
££ per post: £10,000

6. Chiara Ferragni
Followers: 9.8 million
££ per post: £9,000

7. Julie Sarinara
Followers: 4.6 million
££ per post: £8,000

8. Aimee Song
Followers: 4.6 million
££ per post: £7,000

handmade dress from a local shop ?

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9. Danielle Bernstein
Followers: 1.7 million
££ per post: £5,400

10. Liz Eswein
Followers: 1.3 million
££ per post: £4,600

Well we’re all clearly in the wrong career – if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to post an Instagram for no money, and then cry.

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