10 Times Amanda Seyfried’s Dog, Finn OWNED Instagram

If there's anything we love more than looking at pictures of our fabulous August cover star, Amanda Seyfried, it's looking at pictures of her dog, Finn. Luckily there are lots on Instagram @mingey (Finn's captions, our own) Warning: This post contains some very cute images...

‘I wish she’d stop stealing my best poses.’

‘Mmm hungry. I could murder a chicken wrap right now’

‘This kale diet is getting out of control’
‘Halloween costume. Sorted.’ 
‘Playboy mansion, here I come’
‘Quick coffee break before Shit. Gets. Real’
‘Playing dead is like, totally, my favourite game’
‘La, la, la, la *totally forgotten the words to Bohemian Rhapsody*’
‘Off to my Lion King audition. Laters’
‘Hayfever season is an ass’

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