A hard-hitting new drama from the writers of The Missing starts on ITV tonight

'Two sides, one truth'

liar on itv
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'Two sides, one truth'

With a bumper season of Autumn television now well under way, a new show to add to your list is psychological thriller Liar on ITV. The show has been written and created by Harry and Jack Williams, the award-winning duo behind dark, twisty BBC drama The Missing, and should spark plenty of debate when it kicks off tonight.

Who stars in Liar?

The cast of Liar is led by Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, with supporting roles from Zoe Tapper (Mr Selfridge), Warren Brown (Strike Back) and Shelley Conn (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

What is Liar about?

If you're familiar with the work of the Williams brothers - whose series The Missing had us shrieking at the TV - you'll know they don't do light entertainment. And much like The Missing, there's a dark, brooding quality to Liar from the outset. Froggatt stars as Laura, a thirty-something school teacher living in an unspecified British coastal town (the show was shot in Deal in Kent) whose life is blown apart when she goes on a date.

The story hinges on a rape accusation made by Laura against Andrew (Gruffud), a local surgeon she agrees to go out for dinner with after breaking up with her on/off boyfriend Tom (Warren Brown). But as the scene of the sexual assault - which appears to happen after dinner - is not shown, viewers have no real idea who is telling the truth.

The show's creators say they worked closely with rape charities to ensure the story's subject-matter was accurately and sensitively presented. This is also not the first time Froggatt has taken on a role that tackles sexual assault. She won a Golden Globe in 2015 for her portrayal of Anna Bates in Downton Abbey, who is raped in series four by servant Mr Green.

Speaking at a press screening of Liar, Froggatt says she 'agonised' over doing another storyline that centred on a sexual assault, but felt it was an issue that should be talked-about rather than buried. 'No matter which way the story goes, I just think it’s a great thing to be a part of something that can open up conversation about a sensitive subject matter' she said.

When does Liar on ITV start?

Liar begins tonight at 9pm on ITV 1.

Lucy Pavia