Someone has stolen JK Rowling's handwritten Harry Potter prequel

The search is on

Harry Potter prequel
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The search is on

Look, we love Harry Potter news as much as the next person. When we heard news that the cast have their own WhatsApp group, we rejoiced! When it was revealed which Harry Potter actress is now a body builder, we all threw in guesses, but this? It's a bit low, no?

JK Rowling hand wrote the 800-word prequel to Harry Potter, rumoured to take place three years before Harry's birth to focus on a young James Potter and Sirius Black, on a postcard.

We're not sure how she did it but the author (and general badass) managed to write all of that, detailing a police chase that sees James and Sirius escape on broomsticks, on a two-sided A5 card which sold at a charity auction back in 2008 for £25,000.

Last month, the work, as well as jewellery, was stolen from Howard Road, Kings Heath during a burglary. West Midlands Police are still appealing for information and are describing the appeal as 'far and wide among Harry Potter fans throughout the world.'

'We are appealing to anyone who sees, or is offered this item for sale, to contact police,' said Investigating officer PC Paul Jauncey.

Delphine Chui