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Is a rogue White House staffer spilling Trump’s secrets on Twitter?

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    Donald Trump has been POTUS for two weeks and his presidency is already the most controversial and divisive in American history.

    The majority of the world may hate him, but nobody can say they aren’t fascinated by the new President and what goes on behind the White House walls.

    Luckily for everyone – well except Donald Trump – a twitter account was launched this week, claiming to be a rogue POTUS staffer, disclosing the President’s secrets from within the White House. Yes, really.

    The unverified account, named Rogue POTUS staff, describes itself as ‘The unofficial resistance team inside the White House.’

    Joining Twitter on 25th January, its first tweet read ‘Pres. Trump is already making waves at the office. Wants to be “the President who will be remembered as a King.” His words, not ours.’ It then went on to post ‘Pres. Trump doesn’t quite understand the difference between being POTUS and being a business owner. Keeps asking “who says I can’t?”’

    The account, claiming to be disclosing undercover information from inside the Trump administration, is (obviously) anonymous, posting to Twitter ‘We will block anyone who asks us to ID ourselves (including press), or who makes suggestions of violence.’

    Despite going viral (@RoguePOTUSstaff raked in a whopping 578k followers in just one week), the account has divided opinion on whether it’s real or not, with some accusing it of making up ‘fake news’.

    The account responded to its doubters by posting a picture from inside the White House, captioning the image: ‘Do you feel convinced now?’

    Nobody knows what to believe, but with a lot of these tweets disclosing quite controversial information, it’s safe to say that everyone’s interested.

    About Theresa May’s visit to the US, @RoguePOTUSstaff tweeted:

    ‘POTUS was dismissive of PM May. “I hope she’ll like us, but she doesn’t have much to offer.”’

    ‘Assessment is that a post Brexit PM May needs POTUS more than POTUS needs her. “She does what we want, or we go somewhere else.”’

    The account also went on to inform its followers how the job is getting to Trump, tweeting: ‘POTUS fully overwhelmed after full week on the job. Things spilling over into out of office lives for everyone’. And in response to the protests that have risen since Trump’s inauguration, the account posted, ‘Overheard through locked door: “Don’t they know I’m the f*****g President!?” POTUS displeased at resistance. #resist’.

    One thing that is for certain is that the people behind this account, White House staff or not, are definitely anti-Trump, tweeting ‘When well intended patriots disagree, that’s democracy. When POTUS says it’s not fact until he approves it, that’s tyranny.’

    We would say that Trump will probably be a bit more careful about what he says in public following this ‘security breach’, but looking at how public he has been with his past quotes, it seems unlikely that he’ll be too fazed.

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