There are going to be 3 more Harry Potter books

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    Usually when you see a headline about there being more ‘Harry Potter’ anything, it turns out to be a disappointment. But right here, right now, it’s actually happening. There are going to be three more Harry Potter books.

    Admittedly, they’re not specifically about Harry, Ron and Hermione. But they are written by Queen JK herself, and they are about the Harry Potter universe that we know (as opposed to the Fantastic Beasts film which is coming in November but is set in 1920’s America).

    According to Pottermore, the official Harry Potter website, the books are being released are collections of stories from the Pottermore site, with some brand new additions. Apparently they’re being released because lots of Harry Potter fans don’t spend much time on the Pottermore site (which is amazing but quite the time suck). The books will mean that every Harry Potter fan can read JK’s words without playing their way through the site.

    So what can we expect from the books? Well, the first book, Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists will explore Professor Slughorn’s time at Hogwarts, particularly his relationship with the young Tom Riddle. It will also fill us in on Professor Umbridge, who many fans hate even more than Voldemort, and how she became quite so evil.

    Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide will explore the mysteries of Hogwarts, and answer some fan questions that have lingered since the books first came out, for instances: what happens when the Sorting Hat can’t decide on a student’s house. The book also will take us out into the surrounding areas, which means that, yes, it will also pay a visit to Hogsmeade, and allow us the chance to better get to know the village’s inhabitants.

    Heroics, Hardships and Dangers Hobbies
    will tell the back stories of two of our most loved characters, Remus Lupin (RIP) and Minerva McGonagall. We’re seriously excited.

    We’ve still got some questions though, particularly the big one about Harry’s grandparents. Fans have long been confused by why Harry ended up with the Dursleys rather than his grandparents. In fact, people are so interested by this that they’ve started coming up with their own fan theories. Here’s one of the most heart breaking ones from Tumblr user The Little Merms. Get your tissues out


    Lily’s parents. WTF happened to them?

    Because like, okay I can assume James’s parents are dead because, you know, wizard war, but her parents are muggles. They don’t have anything to do with any of that bullshit. like what are the chances of not only Harry’s parents, but both sets of Harry’s grandparents being dead? Like, it seems like they have to be dead for Dumbledore to say that the Dursley’s are Harry’s only family but I highly doubt they died of natural causes, because at most they would have been in their fifties when Harry was a babe.

    So then, did Voldemort kill them? This seems plausible, given the fact that Voldemort confronted Lily and James three times before they died and we have no idea what happened any of those times. one of those times could have involved the death of Lily’s parents.

    But, I feel like James and Lily would have been smarter than that and would have done more to protect them, could this be a situation similar to Hermione’s parents, in which Lily decided to wipe their memory of her? Maybe intending to fix it one day, maybe not, but either way she died and never got the chance. And now they’re just living out their lives completely unaware of their wizard grandson.

    However, given the fact that there was no indication that the Dursley’s were ever sent into hiding or felt threatened by Voldemort, I’m not even sure that this would be the case. Maybe, her parents memories weren’t erased, she just told them to move and cut off contact with them, and having already cut off contact with her sister she didn’t think she would be in danger. Likely, Voldemort probably didn’t even care that much about her muggle family members as they weren’t that much of a threat. And James and Lily didn’t bother to tell anyone where her parents were because the possibility of Harry being raised by them, raised by muggles, didn’t even occur to them. Even if they did die, they had Sirius and Lupin and Peter. No, harry would almost certainly be raised in the wizarding world.

    So then, when comes time to find Harry a place to stay, Dumbledore either couldn’t find her parents or didn’t even try that hard to look, because he’s a dumbass and thought putting him with the Dursley’s was an okay plan. And Petunia doesn’t contact her parents to tell them Lily’s dead, because she’s stubborn, or because she herself doesn’t know where they are now because she hadn’t been talking to them for years before they moved anyway.

    So now, Lily’s parents are just living their lives having no idea what happened to their daughter, never knowing she died, and possibly not even knowing they have a grandson.’

    Ouch. That’s some serious stuff.

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