20 plus new books by Black and POC authors to put on your 2021 reading list

*Manically Googles 700ft bookshelf*

books by black and POC authors to read in 2021: Zadie Smith

*Manically Googles 700ft bookshelf*

Last summer, the UK’s first academic study on diversity in trade publishing and fiction came out. Authored by Dr Anamik Saha and Dr Sandra van Lente, the report, called Rethinking ‘Diversity’ in Publishing, found that among reasons for the UK publishing industry’s glaring diversity problem was publishers’ concern about the lack of ‘quality’ work from writers of colour. It also found that books by Black and POC authors were considered a commercial risk.

“Negative remarks about the ‘quality’ of writers of colour are disingenuous especially when nearly all editors who participated in our research admitted that they had put out books that they did not necessarily think were ‘good’,” says Saha – citing things like Love Island biographies (sorry Maura) as an example.

“It is a very narrow conception of ‘quality’ that is based on a particular education that has historically privileged European literature over non-European. When the entire publishing workforce essentially shares the same education, then this narrow conception of ‘quality’ becomes dominant and universal.” (According to the Publishers Association, as of 2019 a staggering 86% of the publishing workforce are white.)

You need only skim the below list of books by Black and POC authors dropping in 2021 to convince yourself to sell a kidney and use the money to build a wall to wall library. We’ve chosen them in the knowledge that they won’t get half the recognition they deserve, but also because they’re just brilliant books that we’ve a hunch you’ll enjoy reading as much as we have.

From Raven Leilani’s exceptional debut Luster, to Selina Flavius’s no-nonsense Black Girl Finance, 2021 might not be the Nirvana we had hoped it’d be last March, but at least we’ve got good books to sustain us.

As Such A Fun Age author Kiley Reid recently told MC Features Editor Jenny Proudfoot, “Finding something that I can’t stop reading is one of the great joys of my life. I hope that the characters stick with [readers] and I really hope that they lose themselves in it like I think all art should make you do.”

With every pick on this list guaranteed to make you feel just that, here are some of the best books by Black and POC authors hitting shelves this year…

Best new books 2021: expert recommendations

"Books by Black authors are proving to be increasingly popular. In January alone we had over 30 newly published books come into the store, and we have even more in February," says Carolynn Bain, owner of Afrori Books, an online independent bookshop that stocks the largest selection of books by black authors in the UK.

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"Choosing favourites for the year is an impossible task and so I have limited myself to the best of British and even then, it grieves me to have omitted so many others from the list." (We tasked her with choosing just three.)

"I would encourage readers to look at our Coming Soon collection to keep up with all the new titles coming this year," she adds.

So what's on Carolynn's wish list?

Weirdo by Zadie Smith and Nick Laird

Weirdo by Zadie Smith and Nick Laird (pub 15th April) | Available for pre-order 
"It’s Zadie Smith! It’s a children’s book. What is not to love? A book about being yourself, even when yourself is not what others expect. I’ve seen some of Magenta Fox's illustrations on this and they are beautiful, mixed with Zadie Smith and Nick Laird's beautiful prose. I think this will be a bestseller this year."

Witches Steeped in Gold 

Witches Steeped in Gold (pub 20th April) | Available for pre-order
"Massive bias here. I love fantasy novels, black British authors and debut novels. Here we have all 3 in one package. It's rare to find fantasy novels that are set in Jamaica, so again these are all wins for me. I suspect this author will taking up shelf space for lots of fantasy fiction fans over the next few years."

Unspoken: Toxic Masculinity and How I Faced the Man Within the Man 

Unspoken: Toxic Masculinity and How I Faced the Man Within the Man (pub 18th February) | Available for pre-order
"This is his second book and I am particularly looking forward to hearing his views on toxic masculinity and how he has navigated that over the years. It is so important that we hear young black men talk about toxic masculinity and sexism and his is a voice that has the ear of young people across this nation. Making this a very important book for 2021."

For inclusive publishers, too, 2021 is shaping up to be quite the year.

“I am of course biased that I think the books I publish are the best,” says Sharmaine Lovegrove, the publishing powerhouse behind Dialogue Books – the Little, Brown imprint committed to championing voices typically excluded from the mainstream.

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“There are hundreds of manuscripts I turn down, so everything goes into the books I am publishing as I believe that they above others deserve scores of readers. Finding unique voices that tell us more about the world we live in, wake us up from our privilege and expose the challenges individuals face is an honour, and one I am always delighted to share with curious readers.”

On Sharmaine's TBR pile? Three dazzling new books from Dialogue, coming soon to a (virtual) shelf near you.

Cold Sun by Anita Sivakumaran 

Cold Sun by Anita Sivakumaran (pub 1st April) | Available for pre-order 
"A fresh new voice in crime fiction, Anita Sivakumaran brings us a troubled and conflicted DI Vijay Patel trying to solve a big crime on a new beat. Three women are murdered, each draped in a red sari and the killer desperately needs to be caught. But Patel finds himself a stranger in his homeland, unable to grasp his bearings."

The Sex Lives of African Women 

The Sex Lives of African Women (pub 22 July) | Available for pre-order
"By interviewing scores of women from the African continent and its diaspora, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah has created an important, explosive, revealing and truthful book which candidly and sensitively explores a vast range of sexual experiences and identities from women who are usually silenced."

The Giant Dark by Sarvat Hasin 

The Giant Dark by Sarvat Hasin (pub 8th July) | Available for pre-order
"This award winning novel, Sarvat’s third, is about love and fame. Aida is a rock star at her peak with a devoted cultish fanbase who follow her every move. When she disappears into a complicated love affair with an ex, they are determined to uncover her truths."

But there are many more where that came from. Here are some more of the best books by Black and POC authors to put on your 2021 reading list.

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Happy reading...

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